Kelly Fisher

Director of BIM and Building Performance at Kearns Mancini Architects Inc.
Toronto, ON

Kelly is a vital member of the Kearns Mancini team. She is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), certified by the Passive House Institute in Germany and was just recently certified as a Passive House Planning Package Expert (PHPP)—one of 10 certified PHPP experts in the world! Kelly brings with her a vast knowledge of both the physical reality of construction, as well as a technical expertise in a wide range of programs. Her proficiency with BIM has enabled her to create efficiencies in the BIM – Passive House workflow. Her automated process for building the PHPP Model equips the architectural team with constant relevant PH information and results. Kelly has had an active role in all of the firm’s Passive House projects, including a proposed Passive House Student Residence, which created the systems we have in place today. Kelly has most recently worked on the YWCA Hamilton Affordable Housing, 3100 Meadowbrook Lane Passive House Affordable Community Housing and The Reach Guesthouse, a complex PH heritage restoration project.